Amy tailors her coaching to the specific needs of her clients. There is no boilerplate method that she uses.

Mock college interviews for matriculating students

We offer real time interview simulations for the prospective graduates or undergraduates seeking an opportunity to sharpen their interview skills with sample questions as well as advice on how to craft targeted answers.

Interview skills/preparation for summer internships and positions

Receive guidance on question/answer content, presentation, and body language skills to fully demonstrate your talents to your potential employer.

Public Speaking Road Map

Enhance and tailor the delivery of everything from keynote events to smaller corporate presentations!

Prepping Student & College Athletes

Prepping student athletes for recruitment interviews and prepping college student athletes for professional job interviews.


From Coaches

Mike Bell
Head Coach - University of Pittsburgh Baseball

Providing the educational tools that will allow you to succeed in business or the game of life, Amy was exactly what we were looking for. Whether it’s how to handle those tough media questions after a hard fought competition, or looking like a pro on your next job interview, Amy allows your business or team to identify who you are and teaches our student-athletes to look strong in the toughest of environments. This is a must for any team or business looking to educate their team or colleagues for success.

Joe Rossie

Amy did a great job teaching our players interview/recruiting skills that will allow them to be successful when they are one on one with college coaches.  She walks in the room and commanded their respect through her actions and words.

Bill Cherpak
Athletic Director/Head Football Coach - Thomas Jefferson High School

Amy is an incredible motivational and inspirational speaker.  She volunteers her time to come and speak with our student-athletes to help prepare them for their future.  We had the pleasure of her speaking with our upper class students the last three years and the response has been great. Our kids loved her passion and knowledge.  I have had many speakers address our teams over the years and few, if any, can top her.  She genuinely cares about the kids and is one of the most generous individuals I have ever met.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Ron Balog

Amy spoke to our football team in August of 2018.  The art of face to face communication in today's social media world is lacking.  Amy equipped our players with the blocking and tackling skills of interviewing and public speaking!  She challenged them to think critically.  Our players and coaches thought it was a great use of time!  We will definitely have Amy back in 2019

Timothy K. Giel
Athletic Director - Avonworth School District

Amy did a talk to our Senior and Junior athletes this past fall and I think much to their surprise Amy had quite a bit of good information for them and some great talking points for them to take away. Her Hand outs were really good pieces of information for the Student/ Athlete to have when visiting prospective schools or talking with prospective employers. Very Well done.

Loren Torres
Head Basketball Coach - Point Park University

We invited Amy Winokur as our guest during our Successful Speaker Series. We as coaches should want to be proactive rather than reactive in our efforts to prepare our student-athletes for life after graduation. We had a substantially productive session. She is upbeat, creative, and her information was relevant. Her presentation was on resume building, interviewing skills, and general etiquette. She was fantastic. Her talk revealed key strategies for discovering your core values as a leader and using them effectively after graduation. The material truly resonated with our players. Amy gave them clear tips and most importantly, actionable suggestions on how to implement these strategies. Our players were receptive, engaged, and Amy created a sense of enthusiasm that led to continued communication days after the session. Every team should spend some time to hear the presentation. Our entire Athletic Department is preparing to bring her back and speak to all athletes on campus as we valued the presentation enormously.

Greg Frady
Head Basketball Coach - Georgia State University

Having Amy come to our campus and speak really helped our players understand the importance of proper social skills, professional behavior and managing social media. Her energy, passion and message is spot on. I highly recommend her!

Eric Kasperowicz

Our football team absolutely loved her and the message she brings is spot on and exactly what teenagers need to hear in today’s society. She is an outstanding woman who really cares about today’s youth and bettering their futures.

From Business Professionals

CEO, Adrich

Amy has helped me gain confidence. Right from the time I met her, we clicked and she has diligently worked on my soft skills and prepared me to deliver on a big stage. The best part about her coaching is the concrete feedback that she gives which allows you to take actionable steps to improve. Thank you Amy for all the support!

Producer, D.C. television station

Amy expertly guided me through unknown territory -- turning me into a master communicator. Her knowledge and advice comes completely unmatched! The confidence, gusto and smarts I developed during our sessions paved the way to where I am today.

Founder and CEO, NoRilla

Amy is an amazing coach, mentor and person. She helped me become a better, more confident speaker. In addition to being an expert in public speaking and helping take out the potential in you, she truly cares for her clients and tries to help in any way she can. She is genuine and goes above and beyond to take out the best in you. It's a great pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her to everyone who is looking for a public speaking coach

Director, Children/Youth/Family Division & the James and Rachel Levinson Day Camp

We had Amy speak to our day camp staff (ranging in ages 16 – 25) about several job and college interviewing skills including: preparation, and etiquette. Amy’s presentation style and information clearly resonated with our staff. They learned appropriate skills and pointers to be better prepared for upcoming job and college interviews. Amy does a great job of making teachable moments out of real life skills and communication tools

School Board Director, Pittsburgh Public Schools

Public speaking is intimidating because of its high stakes nature. You have just one chance to make a positive impression. Through Amy's expertise, coaching, and encouragement, you know that you're putting your best foot forward and that you're well-prepared. Her coaching, and the added confidence that you gain from it, puts you at your best in front of an audience.

Jeaneen A. Zappa
Executive Director, Conservation Consultants Inc.

I’ve frequently had to deliver remarks or presentations during my career. Even dating back to high school speech, I was president of the speech and debate team, so I thought I was a competent public speaker.

But working with Amy Winokur elevated me to an entirely new level as a presenter! I have NEVER in  my entire life received so many compliments on a speech as when Amy coached me. She sparked the passion in my presentation, and helped me to unlock the elusive key to engaging the audience. Working with Amy to trim the fat from my speech and hone my delivery was MARVELOUS: she’s quick, decisive, to-the-point and effective. You will be too.

Erika Strassburger
Pittsburgh City Council Member

Amy is an amazingly effective public speaking coach. In only a few hour-long sessions she completely transformed my speech. Not only did she assist with the structure of the speech, choosing the words and phrases that would resonate most with the audience, she also helped make my delivery powerful. As a first-time political candidate, working with Amy gave me the confidence I needed to communicate effectively with a large audience. Plus, she's an absolute joy to work with.

From College Students

George Washington University

Amy provided me with the knowledge and skills to feel confident going into my college admissions interview.  With her help I was able to get into my dream college.

George Washington University

Amy gave me the tools I needed to be totally comfortable and prepared in showing college admission interviewers who I am in a short amount of time. I could not have done it without her!


Amy instilled in my daughters the confidence needed for college admissions interviews. She introduced techniques to my twins necessary for success and public speaking skills that will last a lifetime.


With style and grace, Amy is able to easily assess a situation and find solutions. She takes into account the goals, interests, and individual abilities of her clients to achieve the desired outcome.

University of Pittsburgh Pharmacy

Through professional discussions, Amy helped me to develop the charisma and confidence to excel during my pharmacy school interview.