About Amy, Talk for Success

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience in teaching, writing and working in the arts, Amy has developed an expertise in communication as well as a skill for enabling others to communicate effectively. As an alumni admission interviewer for Northwestern University, Amy has interviewed hundreds of the area’s highest achieving high school students, giving her a unique perspective on what makes an already-qualified candidate stand out. Furthermore, her background as a high school and university English instructor has also honed her ability to teach others how to write with clarity, persuasion and voice. In addition to helping students maximize their opportunities for university admissions, Amy has worked with individuals looking to enter the workforce or making a career change. She has advised local politicians on presentation skills and oral communication strategies. She accepts private clients from both corporations and individuals within the tri-state area. Believing that it is important to give back to her community, Amy frequently speaks to students in the Pittsburgh Public Schools as well as to local non-profit groups, including the Jewish Community Center, Dress for Success, and the Center for Women in Squirrel Hill.



"Amy has helped me gain confidence. Right from the time I met her, we clicked and she has diligently worked on my soft skills and prepared me to deliver on a big stage. The best part about her coaching is the concrete feedback that she gives which allows you to take actionable steps to improve. Thank you Amy for all the support! "
Adhithi, CEO, Adrich

"Amy is an amazing coach, mentor and person. She helped me become a better, more confident speaker. In addition to being an expert in public speaking and helping take out the potential in you, she truly cares for her clients and tries to help in any way she can. She is genuine and goes above and beyond to take out the best in you. It's a great pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her to everyone who is looking for a public speaking coach."
Nesra, Founder and CEO, NoRilla

"Public speaking is intimidating because of its high stakes nature. You have just one chance to make a positive impression. Through Amy's expertise, coaching, and encouragement, you know that you're putting your best foot forward and that you're well-prepared. Her coaching, and the added confidence that you gain from it, puts you at your best in front of an audience."
Lynda, School Board Director, Pittsburgh Public Schools

"Amy expertly guided me through unknown territory -- turning me into a master communicator. Her knowledge and advice comes completely unmatched! The confidence, gusto and smarts I developed during our sessions paved the way to where I am today."
Margo, Producer, D.C. television station

“Amy provided me with the knowledge and skills to feel confident going into my college admissions interview.  With her help I was able to get into my dream college."
Michele, George Washington University

“Through professional discussions, Amy helped me to develop the charisma and confidence to excel during my pharmacy school interview.” 
Melissa, University of Pittsburgh Pharmacy

"We had Amy speak to our day camp staff (ranging in ages 16 – 25) about several job and college interviewing skills including: preparation, and etiquette. Amy’s presentation style and information clearly resonated with our staff. They learned appropriate skills and pointers to be better prepared for upcoming job and college interviews. Amy does a great job of making teachable moments out of real life skills and communication tools."
Lewis, Director, Children/Youth/Family Division & the James and Rachel Levinson Day Camp

"Amy gave me the tools I needed to be totally comfortable and prepared in showing college admission interviewers who I am in a short amount of time. I could not have done it without her!"
Sydney, George Washington University

"Amy instilled in my daughters the confidence needed for college admissions interviews. She introduced techniques to my twins necessary for success and public speaking skills that will last a lifetime."
Sarah, Pittsburgh

"With style and grace, Amy is able to easily assess a situation and find solutions. She takes into account the goals, interests, and individual abilities of her clients to achieve the desired outcome."
Sharon, Pittsburgh